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Birmingham Metro Area’s Housing Market Thrives

Can you believe it? We can! When compared to the prior year, Birmingham’s metro area residential market saw incredible improvements this past July! July’s housing market statistics were released at the beginning of September, lending us a preview into this summer’s housing market performance.  According to the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) and the […]


Hoover Offers a Laid Back Lifestyle Minutes from Birmingham

Hoover, Alabama, located in Jefferson and Shelby Counties, is quickly becoming one of the state’s most desired communities. With a population of over 84,000, it is the largest suburb of Birmingham. Located along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Hoover has the feel of a small town while being close to the action of Birmingham.  […]


Birmingham Ranks as Most Exciting Place in Alabama

One of the best aspects of being a Ross Bridge residents is our ideal location in Birmingham’s largest metro of Hoover. While there’s plenty of fun to be had within our community, being only a short drive from bustling Birmingham means that Ross Bridge residents can enjoy all the perks of the Birmingham lifestyle, while […]

June Another Productive Month for Birmingham Housing Market

Here at Ross Bridge, we’re so happy to report that the Birmingham metro area continues to impress real estate professionals, industry experts, and homebuyers! June residential sales in the Birmingham metro area, home to our Ross Bridge community, made a 14% improvement over last year’s June sales.  The Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE), who […]


Birmingham-Hoover Housing Market Ideal For Millennials

Ross Bridge is an incredible community for so many reasons, one of them being its appeal to a varied range of homebuyers. Everyone from young families to retired Baby Boomers find their place at Ross Bridge, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Recently, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) published an article detailing […]


What Are the Benefits of New Homes?

Whether it’s a home in Ross Bridge’s Glasscott neighborhood, Haddon neighborhood, or Southampton neighborhood, it’s clear that new homes have an undeniable aesthetic benefit. But the benefit of a new home is more than simply having a beautiful house – both the construction and ownership of new homes provide numerous benefits to both homeowners and the economy. Read […]


Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is finally here!  While temperatures have already been steadily rising over the past few weeks, it just feels warmer knowing it’s officially the spring season.  But aside from blooming flowers and greener grasses, there are a few more telltale signs that show us spring has sprung – many of which we can find in […]


Birmingham Residential, Nonresidential Construction Surges in 2013

Residents of the Birmingham metro know that the area is vibrant and bustling, changing and growing while it remains true to its roots. Birmingham has gained attention recently for its resurgence as a destination for residents, tourists and investors, and considering this positive attention, it’s thankfully not very surprising that the metro area saw an incredible […]


Spring 2014 is the Time to Buy!

Common knowledge tells us that the spring season is the best time to buy a new home.  While this is still true, both the housing market and the economy have seen an incredible overhaul in the past decade alone.  These changes have altered the way home shoppers look for, decide on, and ultimately, buy their […]


Homebuyers Optimistic with Increases in New Home Sales

Winter 2014 has been nothing short of unusual in the Birmingham area!  Multiple winter storms afflicted our region along with one of the coldest winters in history.  The weather seemed to have dampened the housing market, leaving many nervous about the remainder of 2014.  But as January sales numbers were released, homebuyers and industry experts […]