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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is finally here!  While temperatures have already been steadily rising over the past few weeks, it just feels warmer knowing it’s officially the spring season.  But aside from blooming flowers and greener grasses, there are a few more telltale signs that show us spring has sprung – many of which we can find in [...]


Birmingham Residential, Nonresidential Construction Surges in 2013

Residents of the Birmingham metro know that the area is vibrant and bustling, changing and growing while it remains true to its roots. Birmingham has gained attention recently for its resurgence as a destination for residents, tourists and investors, and considering this positive attention, it’s thankfully not very surprising that the metro area saw an incredible [...]


Spring 2014 is the Time to Buy!

Common knowledge tells us that the spring season is the best time to buy a new home.  While this is still true, both the housing market and the economy have seen an incredible overhaul in the past decade alone.  These changes have altered the way home shoppers look for, decide on, and ultimately, buy their [...]


Homebuyers Optimistic with Increases in New Home Sales

Winter 2014 has been nothing short of unusual in the Birmingham area!  Multiple winter storms afflicted our region along with one of the coldest winters in history.  The weather seemed to have dampened the housing market, leaving many nervous about the remainder of 2014.  But as January sales numbers were released, homebuyers and industry experts [...]


Birmingham Growth Predicted Through 2019

As the national economy recovers, Birmingham continues to show its strength in the housing market. And now with new reports published, Rob Hale, the president of MarketGraphics Southeast, has even more good things to say about the future of Birmingham and surrounding housing markets! MarketGraphics Research Group, Inc. is a home market research company that [...]

Birmingham Area Source of Alabama’s Positive Real Estate

Real estate numbers for Alabama have continued on a positive trend lately, which is great news for everyone in the state. The Birmingham metro area in particular, however, has even more reason to celebrate. According to a recent article from the Birmingham Business Journal, the real estate success in the Birmingham area has been the [...]


Being Prepared For A Winter Storm

Snow isn’t exactly a common occurrence here in Alabama, but the beginning of this week was an exception. When snow began to fall in the early afternoon on Tuesday, January 28th, roadways quickly became gridlocked, accidents were abound, motorists abandoned their cars and students were stranded overnight in schools. All told, the winter weather left [...]

Birmingham-Hoover One of Best Places for Homeownership

The homeownership rate is always exciting to watch as the economy recovers. The more people that own homes, the better the real estate market is performing and the more secure buyers feel in their finances. This alone could encourage more to enter the market, continuing the promising cycle. As you know, interested homebuyers consider so [...]

Birmingham Metro Sales up 17%

The good news keeps coming!  The Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) recently announced their market findings from December of last year.  Nearly every statistic is encouraging to real estate professionals, industry experts and homebuyers, as most of the major indicators registered positive increases.  But most impressively, residential sales in the Birmingham metro climbed 16.6 [...]

Birmingham Makes “Hottest Markets” List

Birmingham, the home to our Ross Bridge community, has long been considered one of the greatest metro areas in Alabama.  And, in recent months, it has shown its strength in the housing market and its incredible potential for the future.  In fact, it’s even been nationally recognized by CNN Money as one of the “10 Hottest Housing [...]