Residential Development

Why Ross Bridge?

Why do so many prospective home buyers choose Ross Bridge? What makes our community truly unique? Read on to learn about a few of the many aspects of our community that have made Ross Bridge Birmingham’s hottest-selling new home community: The Ideal Location: It’s no secret that Ross Bridge’s prime location at the very the heart of Birmingham, AL is one of […]

Birmingham Residential, Nonresidential Construction Surges in 2013

Residents of the Birmingham metro know that the area is vibrant and bustling, changing and growing while it remains true to its roots. Birmingham has gained attention recently for its resurgence as a destination for residents, tourists and investors, and considering this positive attention, it’s thankfully not very surprising that the metro area saw an incredible […]

The Resurgence of Downtown Birmingham

The future of downtown Birmingham has been looking especially bright recently, as efforts in the downtown district have led to its resurgence as a prime destination for residents, tourists and investors alike. The revival of downtown Birmingham is an interesting mix of the old and the new, as older, historic buildings are being renovated and […]

Home Builder Confidence Remains Positive

Even more good news from the housing market! Homebuilder confidence remained positive across the country in November, according to a new report by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Builder confidence in the newly built and single-family homes market maintained a level above 50, at a revised 54. This number was found using the NAHB/Wells […]

Building Permits Pick Up During July

New home construction has proven in the past to be a key factor in the health of an economy, and the same is true for the current economic recovery the U.S. is now experiencing.  The good news is that, both the Birmingham real estate market and the U.S. housing market are seeing an increase in home […]

A New Reality for Creating Successful Residential Communities

FEATURED ARTICLE REPRINT FROM SUMMER, 2010 ISSUE OF LAND DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE There is good news on the horizon: the long-term potential for housing and residential development in the United States is excellent. Even with the recent declines in immigration resulting from the recession, demographic forecasts support new housing demand returning to 1.5 million units before […]