12 Ways New Homes Are Built to a Higher Standard

By Dan Levitan

Levitan & Associates


1. New homes are better designed with rooms, space allocation, utilization and traffic patterns that are appropriate for the way people live today.

2. New homes are light, bright and comfortable providing an enhanced living experience.

3. New homes provide new mechanical systems and appliances with manufacturer warranties that will save homeowners substantial aggravation, time and money.

4. New homes typically include builder warranties further saving buyers time, money and grief.

5. New home are “new” – they are fresh and clean and homebuyers can choose the finishes that they want to reflect their individual and unique tastes and lifestyles.

6. New homes have modern kitchens and bathrooms that increase the convenience, enjoyment and psychological benefits of home ownership.

7. New homes are far more energy efficient and provide buyers with substantial financial savings over the term of their ownership while benefitting the environment.

8. New homes are technologically current and ready for the information age.

9. New homes tend to be located in new communities that are planned to provide better living environments.

10. New homes are sold by new home professionals who have complete knowledge about the homes, the community, and the homebuying process and make the entire purchase experience far easier and less stressful.

11. New homes benefit the economy by creating and supporting high paying jobs that stimulate economic prosperity.

12. New homes have historically provided greater appreciation than used homes.


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