6 Signs You Were Meant for a Golf Resort Community

There are a few indicators that give away your love for golf.  Here, we’ve listed five different signs that suggest maybe it’s time you looked into a golf resort community.

1. You have nothing in your closet but short-sleeve collared golf shirts.

Okay, so you might have other items of clothing in your closet besides polo shirts.  Yet, a high volume of golf related clothing is a telltale sign of your golfing habit.  It would be in your best interest to move to a place where you can actually wear those clothes on daily basis.

2. The PGA Championship is the equivalent to the Super Bowl in your home.

You’ve got hot wings in the oven and snacks in the fridge, all in anticipation of watching the PGA Championship in your living room. You’re positive that your concentration and complete silence could affect the players’ game.

3. Your socks are filled with sand.

This may be a shameful sign, but sand in your socks can only mean one thing.  You’ve been taking regular swings out of the bunker.  By living in Ross Bridge, you’ll be able to practice regularly, and these unfortunate happenings will be a thing of the past.

4. No matter how far you might be from home, a conversation about golf with a complete stranger will make you instant friends.

Those who are avid golfers know that there seems to be an invisible network that connects all golfers together.  Even in the most bizarre places, a friend can be made through golf.  And in a golf resort community, meeting a neighbor with common golf interests is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

5. Getting your hands on tickets to the Masters is better than winning the lottery.

If you love golf this much, you owe it to yourself to live in a golf resort community. Celebrate the sport!

6. You have an appreciation for a beautiful golf course.

A standard golf course just won’t cut it.  You know that half of the relaxation in golf comes from playing a beautiful, well-groomed course.  You also know that a challenging course will help to improve your golf game. The course at Ross Bridge is a part of the Famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, and stretches an incredible 8,191 yards.

For some people, living in a golf resort community just makes sense.  In a community like Ross Bridge, you can enjoy your favorite sport daily and be surrounded by those who do the same.  Why not put those golf shoes in your garage to good use?