Birmingham Named in Top Ten “Tastiest Towns” In the South


Birmingham was named one of the “10 Tastiest Towns in the South” in the Southern Living April 2012 issue.  The magazine celebrates modern Southern cuisine and the various “hometown” flavors that define it.  Over a half-million votes were cast by consumers to decide the top ten tastiest towns.  Southern Living looked at the tastemakers, chefs, artisans and restaurants that gave each food destination its distinct local flavor.

The article also outlined “the perfect eating day” and featured recipes that highlight the iconic ingredients of each city.  Birmingham’s own, Frank Stitt, an award-winning executive chef and owner of The Highlands Bar & Grill, took it home for the Magic City.  “Little did Frank Stitt know when he was cooking in the south of France in 1978 and falling in love with just harvested vegetables, tapenades and aiolis, that he would return home from Alabama to change the culinary landscape of the South,” comments Senior Editor Paula Disbrowe.  Stitt’s Highlands Baked Gritts recipe was featured in the issue to represent Birmingham.

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