Birmingham – You Are Beautiful

Residents of Birmingham’s new home communities and neighborhoods may soon see some artistic love around the city as officials consider a plan to allow artists to tastefully decorate walls, structures, and other eyesores with a specific message. A recent push for a public art project inspired by the bold “You Are Beautiful” graffiti found around Birmingham may embrace the trend by enabling the legal spread of this message of love throughout the city with the help of local artists. John Archibald of the Birmingham News has written about this uplifting message and recently provided some insight as to the city’s view of the “You Are Beautiful” trend. Below is his article originally posted here at

You really are beautiful, Birmingham. Really. They're saying it in Vestavia Hills and Homewood. In East Lake, downtown and all over. And it's not just scrawled on overpasses and vandalized buildings, these days. Because Birmingham — even greater Birmingham — gets it. You are beautiful. On both sides of the Mountain. I suggested last week that Birmingham trampoline off this whole "You Are Beautiful" graffiti craze to launch a dual public art project and self-help session. Shoot. The city could look good and feel good at the same time if it set aside spaces and places for selected artists to show their YAB love on signs — or even on fiberglass castings of the words "You Are Beautiful."…

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