Golf Tips

56385533One of the most difficult clubs to play with is your driver.  The swing and alignment for driving the ball differs from all other hits, making this one the hardest to adjust to.  These tips aren’t anything innovative, they’re classic tips that are too often forgotten. But, they’re especially helpful when trying to drive the ball.  Keep these in mind next time you tee off:


Because drivers are typically longer than your other clubs, you’re going to want to stand a little further away from the ball to hit it.  You don’t want to strain to reach, but it should feel comfortable.  The ball should sit more closely aligned with the foot facing the fairway.  This will allow you to swing under the ball, lifting it further. Also be sure to tee the ball a little higher than usual, this will help the driver to get under the ball as well.

Keep Your Head Down

When swinging, one of the most important things to remember is to keep your head down the entire time.  This is particularly important because with the length of the driver, if you don’t watch the ball, it’s easy to miss it completely. If you look up too quickly, you may not get a solid hit or you may change the projection of the ball.

Let the Club Do All the Work

There’s no need to try to smash the ball.  Actually, you’ll probably have a better hit if you just relax and let the club do all the work.  Once you’ve mastered a basic drive, then you can work on adjusting your swing and power to increase the distance of the ball.

Don’t Forget to Practice!

You won’t improve your drive without practicing regularly.  The more you practice your swing, the more natural it will begin to feel – meaning when you walk up to the tee box, you’ll be at ease and ready for a round of golf.