Golfing in the Winter

147264917It might be a little colder these days, but it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t head out to play 18!  In all actuality, it never gets too cold here at Ross Bridge – one of the benefits of living in a golf resort community in Alabama.  However, the slight dip in temperatures can affect your golf game.  Here’s how to play your best this winter season:

1. Dress appropriately:  This is true for any season, but in the winter, it’s important to be warm without losing full mobility. Any bulky jacket that could hinder your swing or golf game will also hinder your score. Our Ross Bridge course is one of the longest in the world, so it’s better to dress warm!

2. Walk, don’t drive:  Playing golf in the winter is a great chance to take your time and walk the course. Not only will this help to keep you warmer on chilly days, but it’ll be the perfect time to take in the beautiful course and stunning new homes.

3: Use colorful golf balls. While snow is rare in Alabama, the crisp white sky might make it difficult to track your ball as it flies through the air.  Using a brightly colored golf ball will make it easier to follow your shot and to find it after it lands.

4. Use more club. You might not think the temperature has a huge affect on your golf game, but it does – no matter the level of expertise.  It’s best to use more club rather than too little.  The ball simply won’t make the same distance as it does in warmer weather.

5. Know the rules.  With this time widely considered ‘off-season’ for golfing, it’s easy to forget important game rules.  A cold ball won’t fly as far, so feel free to warm up a couple before you set out.  Keep them in your pocket to maintain their warmth – artificially heating a ball on the course is illegal play.

6. Stay Hydrated. And finally, golfers should remember to stay hydrated – even in the 50-degree weather we see in our golf homes community! It’s easy to overlook, but golfers will find their game improves when they’re well hydrated and healthy.

Don’t let this seasonal dip in temperatures discourage you from getting out there and enjoying a little golf.  After all, that’s what living in a golfing community on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is all about!