Ross Bridge Is Wearing Crimson Tonight!

Can a new home community take sides? When the University of Alabama is competing for the National Championship, you betcha! Roll Tide!

Steeped in community activities and events, one can only assume mass gatherings throughout Birmingham's hottest selling new home community tonight as friends, neighbors and families gather to celebrate what will hopefully be a victory for the hometown favorites!

Fresh off their drubbing of the favored Florida Gators the Crimson Tide is poised to claim their place in history as National Champions. Only a solid Texas Longhorn team stands in their way. No small feat, but the residents of Ross Bridge and the rest of Alabama's proud and passionate fanatics have the utmost confidence in their team.

It's been 17 long years since the teams last National Title. The storied Crimson Tide, which likes to measure itself by national championships despite not playing for once since the 1993 Sugar Bowl, finally has an opportunity to add an elusive 13th crown.

Fans have flocked to the West Coast in droves (escaping an unusually cold AND snowy Alabama), convinced that's what they'll see.

"To see things turn around, in Alabama there's not a professional team or anything like that," linebacker Cory Reamer said, "so this really is the following that they're concerned with. We're excited to be back here just as much as they are."

"I don't think emotion is going to be a problem in a game like this," Coach Saban said, "but channeling that emotion in the right direction, and having the right balance of intensity and focus to be able to execute, is really what you want to try to get your team to do."

So on this unseasonably cold and wintry night at Ross Bridge, light the fire, crack open a couple of frosties and get ready to roll!