Hints and Tips for VA Loans

Below is a helpful set of tips from to assist veterans with VA loans during the home-buying process.

Hints and Tips for VA Loans

Tip: Get Pre-Approved

Before you start the hunt for a ( new Birmingham home for sale), the best thing you can do is to get pre-approved for your VA loan amount. The time you save quite literally will be your own. Once you have determined the loan amount you are approved for, you can start house hunting with confidence. In a tight housing market it will also give you a heads up with the seller, as other potential buyers may not have taken this important step.

Knowing in advance what you are able to afford offers a great deal of security. That kind of security will go a long way as you search for the best value for your money. Having a VA mortgage is an excellent benefit, but finding the right home is just as important. With pre-approval, you avoid wasting time with homes out of your price range or sellers who are unsure whether you are a serious buyer.

Hint: Check Your Credit

Did you know that over 70 percent of all credit reports in the United States contain errors? Your lender will be looking at your credit report and making important decisions based on the information that is contained within – decisions that could make a big difference in the bottom-line…

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