Hoover Approves $130 Million City Budget

108484548Last month, the Hoover City Council approved a $130 million budget for the 2014 fiscal year, including funding for a new fire station in our very own Ross Bridge community!

The budget allocates $2.3 million for the new fire station, making it the largest capital project included in the budget. Hoover Fire Station No. 6 currently serves the Ross Bridge community, but city officials have been discussing the need for a separate station in Ross Bridge for several years. Residents of our community will be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that the new station will be so close – just one more of the many benefits to living in Ross Bridge.

Key aspects of the budget – which increased $4 million from the 2013 fiscal year budget – include:

• $5.7 million worth of road projects.
• $1.7 million for sidewalks, including in the Ross Bridge community.
• $2 million contribution to the Hoover Board of Education.
• $15.6 million in capital projects, including the Ross Bridge fire station, sewer system improvements and computer and communication system upgrades.
• $58.3 million in overall personnel expenses, including three new part-time firefighters and two new reserve police officers helping in Hoover schools.

The budget also includes $918,000 for a 2 percent cost-of-living pay increase for Hoover city employees. This is the first cost-of-living increase for Hoover city employees since 2008.

Increases are also projected for city revenues. General fund revenues and overall revenues for the city are both expected to increase from last year – general fund revenues are predicted to rise 3.6 percent to $94.8 million, and overall revenues are expected to climb 3.3 percent to $117.6 million in fiscal 2014.

Improved road systems, safer neighborhoods with sidewalks, funding for local schools, a brand new fire station, increased pay for employees, expected revenue increases – all of these things seem to painting a bright future for Hoover in fiscal year 2014. They also make the case for an argument we’ve been making for years – our city of Hoover and the neighborhood of Ross Bridge just can’t be beat!

At Ross Bridge, we’re certainly looking forward to the improvements that the Hoover city budget will bring in fiscal year 2014, but looking forward to the future is nothing new for our residents. With a world-class golf course, unbelievable amenities and beautiful new homes in our neighborhood, our residents are always looking forward to what the future will bring.