Signature Homes Talks Keys to Success

Ross Bridge's award winning builder, Signature Homes, was recently praised by for its successes in the Birmingham new homes market during a difficult period for the industry. The article notes Signature's CEO, Dwight Sandlin, as saying that the company will close on 350 new homes before the end of 2011. Sandlin points to 5 objectives as the reason for the company's impressive performance.

1. Researching the right market
2. Get the Right Product in Place
3. Train Sales Constantly
4. Plan for Objections
5. More Pictures on the Web

Sandlin states that proper management of these 5 points are crucial to outperforming the competition, especially during a down market.

To read what Sandlin has to say about each of these points and his thoughts on the keys to real estate success, click here to read the original article at

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