1. Location: Known as the “Magic City,” Birmingham happens to be the largest city in the state of Alabama.  The central location of Birmingham gives new home buyers prime access to over 500 restaurants and 1300 churches, as well as offering a plethora of museums, music venues and other attractions.  Birmingham is home to some 40,000 businesses as well as many notable universities, such as the University of Alabama School of Medicine and the University of Alabama.  The city also has one of the most extensive networks of highways and roadways in the Southeast, allowing for easy transportation to the surrounding regions and suburbs. The Ross Bridge community is located in the very heart of this fabulous city near the best dining, shopping and schools of the Birmingham area.

2. Local Housing Market:  Birmingham area home sales are showing an overall steady increase of 11% so far this year over 2011 according to year-over-year and month-to-month comparisons.  Birmingham home sales specifically increased 21% in May in the year-over-year comparison, according to the Birmingham Association of Realtors.  May additionally marked the 11th consecutive month for home sale improvement, as well as registering a double-digit percentage increase in Birmingham compared to the same period of last year.  Another indication of continuous improvement in the Birmingham housing market is the 13% rise in the value of metro Birmingham home sales compared to 2011.  The housing statistics, local and statewide, show an Alabama real estate market that is gradually improving, and with interest rates now at record lows,  there is even more incentive for home buyers to take advantage of the current Alabama market.

3. Community:  New homes for sale in the award-winning Ross Bridge resort community give prospective home buyers an opportunity like none other.  With individual landscaped parks, tree-lined sidewalks and streets, each Ross Bridge neighborhood is distinctive in nature.  The “front porch-friendly” style of living that Ross Bridge offers gives residents a wonderful environment to live, raise their family, and bond with neighbors.  The combination of Ross Bridge’s new home styles, prime location, prices and world-class amenities, is the very personification of the word “community.”
4. Resort Lifestyle: The vibrant Ross Bridge community is set apart from the everyday ordinary by offering new homes for sale in a golf-resort community atmosphere.  New home buyers are sure to feel a sense of living a pampered life style with Ross Bridge featuring one of the longest golf courses in the world, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, as well as including lavish amenities such as the Marriott Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa and the Ross Park & Pool.

5. Culture & History:  Diversity is one of Birmingham’s greatest strengths and probably its strongest appeal.  There is a wide spectrum of cultures and attitudes which are all a part of the charm and intrigue that make Birmingham the Magic City.  New home buyers will inevitably get a taste of that variety—in the award winning cuisine, the arts, the great outdoors, entertainment, and nightlife.  There is also a strong sense of history in this city.  Birmingham emerged out of iron and steel, once being the primary industrial center of the southern United States. One can see remnants of these early beginnings preserved in places such as Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark.  The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute can give visitors an in-depth look at Birmingham’s prominant role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

The Ross Bridge golf resort community has some history of its own.  During the Civil War, Southern forces built a railway supply line through land owned by James Taylor Ross, a Carolinian who had settled in the land around 1858.  Along with the railway construction was a massive stone bridge which was built to span across Ross Creek.  With the war long since over, the weathered Ross Bridge still stands as a monument to perseverance, and as impressive as ever.